Publishing Services


Contact me to schedule a discovery meeting. Please note that I require a 25% deposit before starting a project.

Full Layout: Layout (for print and e-book), 5 graphics/10,000 words*, type-setting, line & copy edit** , cover (photographic)***, uploading to your preferred service, and ISBN help.

Advanced Layout: Layout (for print and e-book), 10 graphics/10,000 words*, 1 illustration/10,000 words*, full edit**, custom cover***, uploading to your preferred service, and ISBN help. Starting at $1600 for 10,000 words


If your book is longer than 20,000 words, please contact me for a custom quote.

To replace items in the above packages, please let me know what you’d like to replace or remove, and I’ll inform you of a difference in price.

A 25% deposit is required, but balance can be paid in pre-determined installments. Unlimited revisions are included in the packages.

If your book is non-fiction and requires an index, the cost will vary depending on the length, complexity of subject, and the desired thoroughness of the index.

* Graphics vs Illustrations: Graphics are items like graphs, charts, and tables, and simple infographics, as well as simple decorations and motifs. Illustrations are drawn representations of your content.

** Copy, Line, and Substantive Editing: Substantive editing reviews structure, plot or story flow, characterization and voice, and tone; this considers the piece as a whole. Line editing reviews the creative content, writing style, and language usage, all at the paragraph level. Copy-editing and proofreading are the most common forms of editing. They review grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as internal consistency throughout. A full edit is all three types of editing, done in three separate read-throughs – If you’re unsure how much editing your manuscript will require, please send me a chapter for a review.

*** Covers: Images supplied: you send me the photos or illustrations you wish included on your cover, and I lay it out. Photographic: I find images appropriate to the manuscript and lay out the cover. Custom: I illustrate, or modify photographs to best give a taste of your book to potential readers.

Are you publishing a book for your business? See my Business Services page for business design packages.